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Excel Spreadsheets

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Local Support with Excel Spreadsheets: The Power of Excel A spreadsheet is little more than columns and rows, comprised of lists and lists. The real power in Excel spreadsheets is when you use Formulas and/or Functions. Formulas and Functions aren’t the same Contact us using the form below or give us a call if you […]


Enforce Excel Formatting in Mail Merge

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Advanced Mail Merge Settings Creating multiple documents with unique recipients, sales totals, or dates is accomplished with Mail Merge. Mail merge takes two files (the main document and the data source) and merges them into one. Basic addition: 1 + 2 = 3 1 Main Document (Start Mail Merge) + 2 Data Source (Select Recipients) […]


Excel – Order of Operations

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Order of Operations When the programmers developed Excel to do math for us, they programmed Excel to always perform the math using very strict order of operations. Excel will always calculate anything in Parenthesis ( ) first. Always. Then it will calculate any Exponents (^). Then, from left to right, Excel will calculate Multiplication (*) and […]


Mouse Pointers Matter

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Very different things happen depending on which mouse pointer is displaying in Excel, so it’s helpful to be aware of what the most frequently seen pointers are. Review the table below and contact My Reno Computer Tutor for your personalized explanation.   Select: Click and drag in any direction to select (highlight) a range of cells […]


Office 2013 Start Up Options

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Word, PowerPoint and Excel 2013 all open with the Start Screen rather than a blank new file. You can change this setting if you would prefer to have the particular program open directly into a blank new file. To disable the ‘start’ screen: Click the File Tab and select Options On the General Screen of […]


Relative vs Absolute Cell References

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Cell references When creating formulas, we use cell references rather than actual values to show Excel which cells to use in the calculation. By referencing which cell to use in a formula. when the value of the cell changes, the result of the formula updates automatically. By default a cell reference is relative, which allows […]


Grouping Dates in PivotTables

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 I have a client that is tracking sales. We have over 100 individual records, and the data source is going to grow through out the year. With multiple sales each day, we’ll want to be able to sum total sales at each week. PivotTables are the obvious answer. We need to group by calendar week, […]