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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Windows and Mac have keyboard shortcuts, negating the3 need to take your hands from the keyboard to use the mouse to preform many actions. Below is a list very common keyboard shortcuts. Windows computers use the [CTRL] key, Mac computers use the [CMD] key. Keyboard combination Does This [ESC] The escape key, cancels whatever it […]


Save vs Save As

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What is the difference between Save and Save As? Have you experienced the frustration of editing a document, knowing you’ve saved it, and then the next time you open the file, it no longer contains the edits you’ve made? Chances are this is because when you saved it, you used the “Save As” command and […]


Dr. Seuss

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I have a class designated as “lab” for county employees to ‘drop in’ with their questions and get them addressed. Problem is, the ‘class’ is offered only one half day a month, and employees are required to sign up to indicate that they’ll be there. The first class was offered in February, and nine people […]


Train the Trainer

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Train the trainer … Things I learned this weekend while putting music to a PowerPoint presentation for a friend. I’ve learned how to run the music across slides (image 1) I’ve learned how to trim the clip to get ‘just the right segment’ I’ve learned how to save a Facebook video as an .mp4 I’ve […]


Windows vs Mac …

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Two new clients today, both using Mac – this Windows based girl is going to have some fun! Funny that I found this image since I often refer to “upgrades” like cars. I’ve been driving long enough, put me a new car (or put me in a rental, or a friends car) and I’ll be […]