Keyboard Shortcuts

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Windows and Mac have keyboard shortcuts, negating the3 need to take your hands from the keyboard to use the mouse to preform many actions.

Below is a list very common keyboard shortcuts. Windows computers use the [CTRL] key, Mac computers use the [CMD] key.



Keyboard combination Does This
[ESC] The escape key, cancels whatever it was you were doing
[CTRL] + Z Undo: Undoes the last thing you did
[CTRL] + S Updates (saves) the entire file
[CTRL] + P Displays Print Preview and the print options
[CTRL] + X Cuts whatever is selected (held on the ‘clipboard’)
[CTRL] + C Copies whatever is selected (held on the ‘clipboard’)
[CTRL] + V Pastes what was on the clipboard
[CTRL] + N Creates a blank file in program