Offering Caring Computer Technical Support

With a reasonable hourly rate for computer technical support, you can be sure your needs are met. Instead of fast-paced computer training courses, your computer tutor meets you at your home, business, or a coffee shop.

Hourly rates for individuals — small group rates available

Jeep to you
One Hour minimum

If you’re within a 15-mile radius of the Reno/Sparks area, we come to your location for a minimum of one hour and bill in thirty-minute increments.

If you’re outside our radius, don’t worry. We can still work with you. Outside our radius, we can come to your location by adding a flat-rate trip fee.

Contact us and let’s discuss specific rates for your individual needs. Individual and group rates vary, depending you your needs. Your satisfaction is important to us, which means we go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Remote technical support available wherever you go

online training

You can go on vacation and still enjoy the one-on-one attention of personalized training because we have global access. You can go visit family, or take a business trip and not worry.

We can work with you using ‘remote access’ service via zoom or This allows us to speak with and teach you from wherever you are in the world (check out the testimonials page to read one client’s satisfaction).

Payment Methods:

Cash is preferred, but we accept business checks, credit cards, PayPal and Zelle. We use PayPal Here for secure credit card payments. You don’t have to have a PayPal account, we’ll just swipe your card. Or send your payment securely via Zelle.

Cash | Business Check | Credit Card | PayPal | Zelle

As always, we’re available to help you with your individual questions. We’ve offered classes and training in the Reno area for over twenty years. Why? Because we’re dedicated to helping people understand. So please reach out. You can contact us via email, text, or voicemail to get your training scheduled. Diana also trains for Washoe County and UNR Extended Studies.