Introduction to Computers for Seniors

My Reno Computer Tutor offers specific, individualized  introduction to computers for seniors. This is different than senior computer classes where the entire training course is instructed from a training manual.

Master these introduction skills:

  • Use the Internet Safely
  • Send and Receive Email
  • Use Search Engines
  • Use Internet Browsers
  • Download Attachments Safely
  • Create Documents
  • Select Text
  • Cut / Copy / Paste
  • Save documents
  • Move documents
  • System Maintenance
  • Anti-Virus / Malware
  • Defragging
  • Organizing files
  • Using external storage (USB)

Benefits of One-on-One tutoring for Seniors

One-on-one introduction to computers works best for anyone new to computers. Diana will meet you and help you with your specific issues. The schedule is based on your needs.

  • We come to your location
    • (Online is an option)
  • One-on-one attention
  • Help with your specific issues or problems
  • Personalized schedule
  • Calm and patient learning
    • No rush / No pressure

What kind of introduction to computers would you like?

Computer basics training
Send email
Attach pictures
Download and Save pictures

Search the internet
Create social media such as Facebook and Twitter
How to use Windows 10
How to use Smart Phones

We suggest one session per week. This allows you time to digest the lessons and practice before your tutor comes for the next lesson.

Contact us . Together we’ll develop the in-home senior computer class that are perfect for you.

introduction to computers