Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel Training Classes

With My Reno Computer Tutor, you don’t have to learn everything there is to know about Excel. Learn the things you need to get your task complete. The only agenda we have is to provide you with the skills you want to learn. The Excel training lessons we teach are based entirely on the skills you need to learn. Contact us today to get going.

Excel Classes

Excel classes can be developed for your organization or individual goals. We’ll collaborate with you and develop training material specific to the topics most important to your needs. By using spreadsheets of data and workbooks relevant to your business, the classes and lessons will be immediately applicable to your company.

Choose Excel training topics important to you

Basic Skills

Create spreadsheets
Use formulas
Absolute vs Relative References
Order of Operations

Intermediate Skills

IF and VLOOKUP functions
Manage lists
Conditional formatting
Sort & filter

Advanced Skills

Pivot Tables
Auditing Tools
Data validation
Protect worksheets
Import and export

Efficient Learning environment

Whatever you might learn in a full day (or semester class), you can learn more efficiently from a personal tutor. In addition to the skills you may already know, we can teach you how to use advanced formulas, lists, and illustrations. More advanced spreadsheet skills might include how to use pivot tables, audit worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others, and create and manage macros.

Contact us below and ask about personalized training in Excel. We also have a few posts about using Excel, including posts on absolute vs relative references, using proper Order of Operations, and grouping dates in PivotTables.