How to Use Join.Me | Comments Off on How to Use Join.Me allows you to share your computer screen with My Reno Computer Tutor from anywhere you may be. you can be off at a conference in another state. If you’re having a problem, give us a call (Contact information below) and we can arrange a time to take a look at your screen.

It’s really very much like having the tutor sit side by side. Using the call feature you can talk to your tutor and tell them what’s happening, and they can see  your screen and know exactly what you’re talking about. You can even give the tutor the mouse control, and they can drive the mouse if it isn’t clear what they’re asking you to do.

It will take longer for you to read these instructions than it will take to actually get set up (at least according to one client who wrote a testimonial about her experience using

So here is how you use

Downloading and Installing the software:

 Go to the website and click on the orange button (circle with a triangle) to Start a Meeting. Instructions follow for downloading and installing the software.   join

Once this is done you’ll have a window that looks something like

Sharing your computer screen

Start the software, and then click on the orange Share button

The program changes to look like this:


You’ll need to provide the other person with the code at the top of the window. The code will be different every time you share your screen. In the example above the number is 693-118-708.

The other person enters the code  you provided into the “join” box on their screen. When they “join,” they’ll see your screen.

Here is a picture that will help identify what each of the buttons does. Take note of the highlighted items.


You’ll want to talk back and forth with the tutor, so click on the conference access button, click Call via Internet, then Connect

joinme conference

 Once you’ve connected, start talking!