Windows 10 Housekeeping

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The Windows 10 Start menu includes so many apps that it can be overwhelming. With so many choices it can be hard to find the app you’re looking for. You may resort to saving shortcuts on your desktop because that’s what you’ve always done. But then your desktop is cluttered also!

The Solution

The solution is to organize! Get rid of the apps that you don’t use. Add the apps that you do use. Make them bigger. Make them smaller. Move them where you want them. Group them and move the groups around.

From this start menu

  • Remove apps you don’t use
  • Add apps you do use
  • Resize app icons to your preference
  • Move apps to organize them

To this start menu

Organize Your Start Menu

Removing items

Right-click is your friend. Right click on any icon and go from there. Everything from “unpin from start” to “uninstall.” Unpin will remove the app icon from your start screen, but leave it installed. You can use it any time you like. Uninstall will remove the app from your computer. Do this to any app you know you’ll never use. (Worst case scenario, you can always reinstall it from the Store.) You can also pin items that are on the left-hand list from the same right-click.

Unpin vs Uninstall

Rearranging the items includes resizing the app icon, creating groups, and moving groups where you want them. Again, right-click is your buddy.


You have four sizes to choose from, although some apps only give you three, and some only two choices.

Personally, I use larger sizes for the apps I use most often, and smaller sizes for those I use less often. I don’t use large, because I don’t like how much space they take up.



Grouping your apps and renaming them, and moving┬áthem aroundisn’t any more difficult than what we’ve already looked at. Howerver I am going to leave that for another post .. stay tuned!

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