Diana Adams: Owner, My Reno Computer Tutor

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Your local computer tutor, Diana started computer training in May of 2000. Since that time, she worked for three major computer training centers in the Reno area. Initially focused on classroom based computer training courses, she now brings her expertise to individuals as My Reno Computer Tutor.

Diana provides clients with the specific computer training they are looking for. This is different from computer training courses where the entire course is instructed from a training manual. Diana will work with you to help you decide what lessons you want.

In addition to individuals, she provides classroom based training for Washoe County administrative offices (since 2010) and UNR Extended Studies (since 2013).

Computer Tutoring or Computer Training Courses?

Contact us today (you can use the contact information below) and discover how much you’ll learn from your own personal computer tutor.

Computer tutor sessions last one or two hours. You decide how frequently you wish to have the tutor visit. Diana will sit beside you, showing you exactly what it is you want to learn. You reach your goals because you help set the goals.computer tutor

Schedule sessions as often as you like. Are weekly sessions what you need, or twice a week? Maybe every other week or once a month is enough. You schedule whatever works best for you.

My Reno Computer Tutor comes to the location you select. Whether it be an office, a home, or a local coffee shop. Why go somewhere where you’re not comfortable?

And you  will learn using your own computer. The computer you’re already familiar with. That makes more sense than using a computer at a computer training course.

Word document formatting is a hot topic with law firms and large organizations. Just about every kind of business uses Excel in one form or another. Take a look at just some of our clients we’ve worked with over the years. Diana also teaches at UNR Extended Studies, or you can find her on LinkedIn.

The topic of each computer tutor session is driven by your needs.

In one training session one client may learn computer basic skills such as how to send email, or how to download attachments. In a different session, another client may learn Microsoft Excel methods for creating PivotTables.

My Reno Computer Tutor provides short term computer tutoring. We can help you learn Microsoft Office.

Drop us a line, and we can develop a private tutoring plan just for you.