We Provide Windows 10 Support – We come to you

Computer help that is customized to your needs and interests, how much better does it get? If you just got a new computer, you can alleviate a lot of frustration with some training. Many things look different than they did in Windows 7. We can help you feel at ease.

When you upgraded to a new computer, help is available. Everything may look different, but that doesn’t mean it has all changed. Give us a call and we’ll come show you around. You may love driving your old Honda Element, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to love your new Jeep! Maybe a strange analogy, however a new computer isn’t that much different than a new car, it’s all a matter of getting familiar with it!

These are some of the types of computer help we can provide:

Computer help for Windows 10
Windows 10
  • Creating and renaming folders
  • Moving documents from one location to another
  • Opening and saving files
  • Using multiple programs at the same time
  • Selecting and editing text
  • Using the Internet and email

Take action and stop feeling overwhelmed!

Topics you might find interesting, or in other words, AMAZING, include how to use the desktop, and open files. You’ve heard the words programs and applications, but is there a difference? In short, the answer is no, they’re the same thing! Other topics that might interest you include moving and resizing windows. These topics apply to Windows 10, and further more, they apply to every version of Windows since the release of Windows 95. Not only that, they’ll apply to whatever version Microsoft comes up with next! We can help! We’ll provide individual computer lessons, and the computer classes to fit every need. This is a list of the computer help we can provide:




  • Creating folders
    • Renaming folders
    • Moving folders and files
    • Copying files into folders
  • Minimize / maximize
  • USB drives
  • Browser basics
    • Search engines
    • Understanding hyperlinks
    • Saving favorites/bookmarks
  • Social Media
  • Composing an email
  • Read/reply/forward
  • Download or attach files

A different browser for different tastes
Some like Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, you may like Mac Safari

As always, we’re available to help you with your individual questions. We’ve offered classes and training in the Reno area for over twenty years. Why? Because we’re dedicated to helping people understand. So please reach out. You can contact us via email, text, or voicemail to get your training scheduled. Diana also trains for Washoe County and UNR Extended Studies.