Microsoft Windows

Computer help – We come to youcut copy paste computer basics

You can learn windows without feeling like throwing it out the window. You’ll learn exactly what is installed on your own computer, where everything is familiar. Unless of course, you just upgraded to a new computer, and everything looks different. But we can help with that as well!

This is a list of the computer help we can provide:

Creating folders
Renaming folders
Moving folders and files
Copying files into folders
Minimize / maximize
USB drives
Composing an email
Reading/replying/forwarding email
Downloading and attaching file
Browser basics
Search engines
Understanding hyperlinks
Saving favorites/bookmarks
Social Media
Video chat

Windows 10

These are some of the computer lessons and basic skills we can help you learn:

Don’t feel overwhelmed, as you might in a computer class

If you aren’t sure about some of the things included in this list, fear not. We can help with all of these things—and much more! We’ll provide individual computer lessons, and the computer classes to fit every need.

We provide Windows 10 help after you upgrade

Windows 10

If you just got a new computer, you might find that having some training on Windows 10 can alleviate a lot of frustration. Many things look different than they did in Windows 7 and and XP. We can help you feel at ease. 

Contact us and let’s get you the computer help you want.