Latest Project: Editing Word


Latest Project: Editing Word

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Latest Project: Editing a 246 page book. It’s written in Word and includes dozens and dozens of photos, and end notes. Word isn’t really a desktop publisher, isn’t designed for large documents with photos and such. We just force it to play, and sometimes it doesn’t play nice. This is what happens to me … […]


Dr. Seuss

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I have a class designated as “lab” for county employees to ‘drop in’ with their questions and get them addressed. Problem is, the ‘class’ is offered only one half day a month, and employees are required to sign up to indicate that they’ll be there. The first class was offered in February, and nine people […]


Grouping Dates in PivotTables

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 I have a client that is tracking sales. We have over 100 individual records, and the data source is going to grow through out the year. With multiple sales each day, we’ll want to be able to sum total sales at each week. PivotTables are the obvious answer. We need to group by calendar week, […]


Train the Trainer

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Train the trainer … Things I learned this weekend while putting music to a PowerPoint presentation for a friend. I’ve learned how to run the music across slides (image 1) I’ve learned how to trim the clip to get ‘just the right segment’ I’ve learned how to save a Facebook video as an .mp4 I’ve […]


MacBook Air: Pages

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Here’s what I’ve been learning how to use: MacBook Air: Pages. Think of of it as a love child of Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign …. or something equally convoluted. I don’t know how I feel about the “And even work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Word” statement … I’ve put in great effort […]


Road Trip ….

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I went up to Incline Village, NV today to see a few clients. How lucky I was to be greeted with this view from the overlook as Mt. Rose highway bends around to drop into the Village.


Windows vs Mac …

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Two new clients today, both using Mac – this Windows based girl is going to have some fun! Funny that I found this image since I often refer to “upgrades” like cars. I’ve been driving long enough, put me a new car (or put me in a rental, or a friends car) and I’ll be […]