Microsoft Office Training

Get customized tutoring to gain the skills needed to solve specific problems.

Office 365
Office 365

No one knows better than you which skills are most important in getting your work done. Our only agenda is to provide you with the computer help you need.  The computer lessons you learn are based entirely on the skills you need.

If you’re looking for basic or in depth MS Office training, you’ll get what you need from My Reno Computer Tutor. Individual training is customized to your specific needs. If you’re interested in learning how to use Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word, that’s what you’ll learn. Regardless of the version.

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Microsoft Office Classes

Classes are developed specifically for your organization or individual goals. You collaborate with us to develop training materials. Training is specific to the topics most important to your needs. By using samples that contain relevant information to your business, the classes and lessons are immediately applicable to your company. Don’t wait to contact us. Reach out using the form to the right to ask about personalized training classes in Office.

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We offer MS Office help for Individuals or Small Groups

My Reno Computer Tutor works with individuals and small groups. You need to help with specific tasks? Let us know. Companies and small groups can arrange instructor led, classroom-based, Microsoft Office Training. The training schedule for your lessons is determined by you. What day and time you have available. Most lessons run for 1½ – 2 hours. Long enough to learn the skill, but not so long that you forget what you learned.

MS Office Training Skills

The list below includes skills often covered.  You pick which skills you need or want computer training help. We can customize Microsoft Office training to your specific needs.

  • Word:
    • Cut/copy/paste
    • Text and paragraph formatting
    • Using Styles
    • Headers and footers
    • Table of Contents
    • End Notes
    • Footnotes
    • Bibliography
    • Mail merge to Outlook
    • and/or documents
    • Table of Authorities
    • Legal Pleadings
  • Excel:
    • Editing cell contents
    • Cell formatting
    • The fill handle
    • Move/cut/copy
    • Basic Formulas
    • Simple Functions
    • Named cells and ranges
    • Charts & Graphs
    • Printing
    • PivotTables
    • IF Functions
    • VLOOKUP Functions

Live one-on-one assistance is available, in the full range of Microsoft Office Training. Diana has been providing Microsoft Office training since May of 2000.

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As always, we’re available to help you with your individual questions. We’ve offered classes and training in the Reno area for over twenty years. Why? Because we’re dedicated to helping people understand. So please reach out. You can contact us via email, text, or voicemail to get your training scheduled. Diana also trains for Washoe County and UNR Extended Studies.