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Remote Tutoring

The client I’m working with is in Texas and has an impressive grasp of how to use Word without any help. He’s been working on this book for 18 years, you can well imagine he should know what he’s doing with Word, and he does.

The process of editing the book created in Word marches on. I’ll have to remember to grab a screen shot of the next Join.Me session we have. It would be good to show what it looks like from the “back side” of a shared screen.

Features he has successfully used without any support include:
Styles (for generating the Table of Contents)
editing wordEditing Word

Even / Odd page footers and Sections (for different headers/footers in each chapter)


Marking Index entries

It’s the devil

It’s in the details where he runs into trouble. Such as how to get the no page numbers in Section 1, where his Title page, and Table of contents and introduction are. Then to get page numbers to begin on the first page of Section 2 to begin with page 1, rather than the physical page number (page 7)

And that’s when he calls me.  We connect using Within a short time, he has his page numbers doing what he wants. And he has each chapter has the chapter name in the Odd Page Footer of each section.140407-img1

All is well.